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About Dragon Myrth

Post by berylgreen » Sun May 07, 2017 8:03 pm

I found this on an old forum from 2011 (the links are no longer valid, but a lot of the info is):

"The server first appeared almost a decade ago. I started out as a player back before the expansion-packs came out, and it was one of the more popular servers back then, to the point where you'd often wait for enough room to actually join the server. Eventually it was shut down due to lack of time from the host (Splief). I wandered the various servers available but failed to find a new place that felt like home, so I started to do my own recreation of the server, learning as I went along. About a year ago I was contacted by Splief, and given exclusive access to the original mod. The current mod is now a hybrid between the original mod and my recreation with the new additions that have been made available since then.

The server is up 24/7, with all the persistent shenanigans you'd expect. I.e, after a log-out or server reload, you'd still be in the same location, with the same amount of HP, spells, quests and so on.

If ya'll got any sort of questions, I'll be happy to answer them, either here or on the servers forum, available below.
Who knows, if there's enough interest, perhaps a local OOTS guild could be made available! :smallcool:

Dragon Myrth

Dragon Myrth is set in an alternative version of the Lord of the Ring realm.
This means that you’ll see familiar places, and might meet familiar faces, but the storyline is entirely separate from the books/movies. The server is heavily based on a Good vs Evil setup. Some certain usually neutral classes such as Bards and Druids have their own specific storyline.


* Good/Evil Story-lines. As mentioned, the server revolves around the Good - Evil conflict. This means that there's long story-lines for both Good and Evil characters, that'll take you far around the world - an often cross path with people who might not see eye-to-eye with your endeavors.

* Conquerable Cities. The Good/Evil setup of the server means that many cities will be alignment-specific. Meaning, a good character would freely be able to enter Edoras, where an evil character would be attacked on sight. The opposite holds true if the same characters were to attempt to enter Dol Guldur. However, it is possible to assault an enemy settlement, and if successful in taking down all the defenders, the town will be taken for your alignment, and new guards of the proper alignment will spawn to defend the town.

* Custom XP Script. To help encourage players to group up and fight in a party, a custom XP script have been installed. This means that other than the normal Party Strength vs Enemy Strength xp gained, each enemy also gives a static XP depending on their level.

* Player Run Guild houses. Guild houses are available to the Good/Evil factions. These guilds are password protected and the only way to acquire the password is to hear it from another player. (Or overhear it when a player enters the guild). The guilds offer a place to rest freely, a guild shop, a Rivendell Fountain or Mordor Bloodbath and a Guild Storage Chest where players can share items with other members of the guild. The Storage is of course persistent and will save through a server reset.

* Rivendell Fountains and Mordor Bloodbaths. Through out your travels around the world, you'll come across Rivendell Fountain/Mordor Bloodbath Potions. These potions, if dropped in a well of the appropriate alignment, will enhance the well and all who afterwards uses the fountain will be blessed with the qualities of the potions that have been dropped in it. One can also chose to drop the potion in a well of the opposite alignment. The well will then be poisoned, and lose all of it's properties until new potions have been used to restore them.
The wells also offer bonuses/penalties based on the players age. More info here can be read in the Players Guide listed at the bottom of this post.

* Arena. In Tharbad players can find the grand Arena. Here players can test their skills against each other, and sometimes grand tournaments will be arranged here. Any death in the Arena comes with no penalty when respawning.

* Player owned houses. For the wealthy players, it's possible to buy their own house, complete with resting area and persistent storage.

* Mercenaries for hire, that will join the player as henchmen, until dismissed or dead.

* Much much more.

Rest and Death Penalties

For level 1-2 characters there are no penalties, except that they cannot rest in urban areas.
Once a character reaches level 3, the following penalties apply:
* Rest
Resting can be done anywhere outside of urban areas. Rest will require one item of food and one item of drink. These items can be bought in most inns or general stores, or they can be crafted. Resting can be done once pr 3 hours In-Game. Another option is to buy a room at an Inn. In these Inn rooms, players can rest freely without needing food/drink, or without a time restriction.
* Death
If a character us unlucky enough to get killed after having reached level 3, they have a few options available.
Players can choose to respawn, at the cost of 7% of their current XP. Players will then be returned to the nearest healing station.
Players can also opt simply to wait 48 real-time hours without respawning, after which they will be restored to life at the location of their death, without receiving any penalty.
Finally, players can hope a Cleric is nearby to raise them from death.

Spells & Feat Limitations

Resurrect / Raise dead can only be cast by clerics.
Heal/Harm work with a 10 hit-point pr caster level.
Time Stop disabled.
Devastating Critical disabled.

Server information

Server name : Dragon Myrth
Module name : Middle_Earth_v4
Server IP address :
Version: NwN, SOU, HOTU 1.69 + CEP 2.3
Forum: http://forum.blue-field.dk/ (http://forum.blue-field.dk)

Make sure you also read the Player Guide! ( ... 0a7bc4305c) "

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Re: About Dragon Myrth

Post by 060782 » Mon May 08, 2017 9:24 am

Thanks for finding this!

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Re: About Dragon Myrth

Post by berylgreen » Mon May 08, 2017 1:41 pm

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Re: About Dragon Myrth

Post by FooLing » Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:00 pm

Adding some additional details missing from the above since the Player Guide is no longer currently available. Will try and post more as it comes to mind.


Arcane casters (Bards, Sorcerers, Wizards) must have a special Spell Book on them or an equipped Mage Staff to be able to use magic. This includes making use of potions. The Spell Book can be bought from arcane focused shops in towns. The staff is sometimes available in an arcane shop, sometimes at a shop where other weapons are sold. You don't need both, only one or the other, but as potion usage is affected, the spell book is the less complicated option - once in your inventory, you don't have to think about it again.

Normally, divine casters do not need to worry about a spell book or mage staff. But if they multi-class in an arcane caster class, they will also need the book or staff to be able to cast divine spells from that point on.

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